Reflections on Cosco N.G., Moore R.C., Islam M.Z. (2008) Behaviour Mapping: A Method for Linking Preschool Physical Activity and Outdoor Design.

Some excerpts from the article (link)

“Behaviour mapping approach”

“Behaviour mapping is an unobtrusive, direct observational method for recording the location of subjects and measuring their activity levels simultaneously. Results help researchers understand the behavioural dynamics of the built environment.”

“Behaviour mapping is based on the concepts of behaviour setting  (3,18) and affordance  (14,15). Behaviour settings are ecological units, where the physical environment and the behaviour are indissolubly connected. Affordances are the perceived properties of the physical environment that support the individual’s actions (15)”

“Behaviour mapping: potential and future directions”

“Behaviour mapping could also address the potential differences in the use of behaviour settings by children from different ethnicity or racial backgrounds and the influence of teacher–child interaction, among other social factors.”

KC’s reflection: I was hoping to use this at start of the inquiry to test whether the location is an important consideration when you participate in a tutorial. Would the location and ambience even stop/encourage you from signing up for a tutorial ?

Although , the article is focused primarily on preschool activity and environments, I would like to use its underlying principles of behaviour mapping in my inquiry. The next step would be to probe into this using a question in the survey.

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