Reflections on Ron Barnett’s “A Will to Learn, Chapter 8, Dispositions & Qualities”

Question 1
How do you recognise Barnett’s ‘qualities’ in the context of a course you work with? Think of a couple of examples
Integrity. Spotting plagiarism in student’s work is difficult. We are aware that some students have been doing that and we do not have evidence. Recently, a student has been caught “soliciting” project-related work. How can we ensure that we “instill” integrity in our students and ensure they produce work and thinking that originates from them?
Respect. I work with a team of very cooperative peers. We have Monday Morning Meetings which is an opportunity for us to discuss issues (face to face.)This allows us to disseminate any issues to associate lecturers on Thursdays and Fridays. I believe it is this mutual respect that we get up early and be there in time for every meeting!
Courage. The students have been plagued with sexual harassments issues and we take these very seriously. It is an ongoing thing which we have been monitoring and reporting for years. The ability to stand up and speak for themselves is truly courageous in times like today.
Question 2
To what extent do you recognise Barnett’s ‘dispositions’ in your own approach to learning? Assuming this varies, what influences them? 
They are very relevant in what I am learning in T&L now. As I started teaching only in January 2017, this allows me to learn and reflect critically in my Action Learning Tutorials in my Academic Leadership Elective Unit. Barnett’s writings has influenced me in “a sense of “prepardeness” in listening to others“. I have always neglected listening to students and this disposition that Barnet has been proposing allows me to reflect what my feelings were if I am a student asking questions. I felt I should listen to them more attentively. Although my large cohort puts me at a disadvantage, some of Barnet’s values have also influenced the way my teaching methods has in my peers in my course when i describe what i do in T&L. For example, the use of physical objects in a lecture and using a shared google questionnaire in a co working environment to gauge prior understanding before the start of lecture.

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