Reflections on Barnett’s Dispositions and Qualities with the Creative Attributes Framework

Question 1

Are UAL’s Creative Attributes more like Barnett’s ‘qualities’? Or his ‘dispositions’? Is it just a question of phrasing? Comment on a couple of examples.

The keywords sound more like qualities and the supporting sentences are more like dispositions. This policy allows the students to understand some of the aspects it describes. I think self-efficacy seems to be the least understood amongst students when I discussed this with them in my questionnaire on co-writing the Product Design Manifesto, using guidelines from the CAF.
Question 2
The Creative Attributes are explicitly focused on employability and enterprise, i.e. on preparing students for socially useful occupations. What valuable attributes (‘creative’ or otherwise) can you think of that aren’t employment-focused? 
  • Emphatic
  • Sensibility
  • Authentic
  • Original
  • Style character -this is mentioned in Barnett’s text
  • Awareness
  • Autonomous/self-start – this is mentioned in CAF
  • Humour
Question 3
How are these attributes taught in UAL ?
I will reply this question in the context of my course where i teach. In stage 2 and 3, students will be exposed to these values through live client projects. The ability to work on these projects allow the student to build up valuable attributes like communication, agility and resilience. I have also used aspects of these (curiosity and enterprise) in my lectures.I do so by using case studies of companies and cite examples of emerging techniques/technologies.
Question 4
Barnett’s “qualities and dispositions” are about learning, and the CAF is about creative practice. Are they more or less similar than you would expect, given this difference?
Barnett focused on learnings. I think learning is underpinning all creative aspects in the teachings that we do in our course. Processes and typologies are evolving constantly (so learning will be changing as well.) The CAF is written both for an outward facing audience and also our own UAL students. I have used the CAF and our PD course manifesto as context for my studies in the Academic Leadership Elective Unit.  If you read these Barnett’s and CAF together, I would say that the CAF is taking a few references from Barnett’s writings.
Question 5
How do these ideas connect with the theory you’ve been encountering on your elective unit (if you are doing one)?
As I have highlighted earlier, the elective i am working on is Academic Leadership and I have been trying to use the learnings in this session for the portfolio and texts that i am submitting. These are very relevant and the message that we deliver to the students will have an impact on attainment and recruitment. I am currently investigating how the Product Design manifesto can be articulated, using the CAF and co writing it with peers/students.

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