​ Playing with the Marking Criteria Matrix

Question: What is wrong with these band descriptors?
  • The grade from D/C to B describes judgements from sound to astute. I think they mean the same thing.
  • The use of the word judgement seems difficult for the student to grasp.
  • It seems like the grade from D/C to A means that D/C is in the current (status quo) point-of-view where A grade seems more “future or forward thinking” !
Communication and Presentation
  • The word “Audience” is mentioned frequently and its seems like they are “general” and not focused on the specific area of study for E grade. However, it seems like in D/C there is a distinct difference between specialists and general audience. In A grade, there is no mention of specialists but only the audience’s needs. What is audience’s needs?
  • In B grade, personal style seems to take centerstage but not in A grade.
Collaborative and Independant Professional Working
  • What is “professional” when students might not know that as they hasn’t start their career. How about artists?
  • F grade seems to suggest that he/she is unproductive. This seems not relevant to the context of this category.
  • Self direction and autonomous seems to be repeated often from D/C to A grades.
  • I think this band should be split into individual and collaborative – 2 bands.
Question: Is there anything good about the band descriptors that you would like to retain?
The original band descriptors have some keywords that are useful for my rewriting my version of the band descriptors. I have listed them below in this chart. I have also attempted to write this before the group session but using these keywords. My idea is that keywords will have varying degrees of description but constant throughout the criteria.
We also started to look at how we peer assess each other using the same matrix. Mine is the red tab.
Here, I have always understood that verbal communication is not my forte and has been working on writing down before putting into words. This helps me construct what i want to say and also allows me to go deeper into the conversation with peers.

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