Teaching and Learning Seminar 1


Communications/ Freedom of speech

We wonder if the students have more freedom of speech instead of the tutors. This is a value that art school students have (intrinsically) but we have seen this being misused in recent cases where racism nazi logos were expressed as art.

Balance / intuition and critical thinking.

I believe that using a hands-on/practical approach can be a way to develop these values when we teach. The act of experiencing with the activity allows the student to learn through success/failure and the prior process will be the start for them to reflect/think through the critical aspects.

Open-minded and un-biased perspectives

In large group teaching, sometimes its difficult to know each student’s work and personal preferences.. So, it is inevitable that a tutor would have favourite names and remember some more than others. I have a problem remembering all the names in a large cohort. The work around is to carry a name list with their faces and go through them each time before a lecture. This is helpful, especially, for getting to know new Stage 1 students.

In group tutorials, keeping a neutral perspective is important and so is encouragement/advices to each student in the group.

Risk taking, play and experimentation

An important part of the student experience should be based on this, I believe. The main focus should be serious play, a way to reflect your failures and build on quickly in the near future. In my opinion, my students are focused on getting a good grade and have neglected the opportunity to use the process to experiment.

Professional approach

Part of what I have been practising (in my professional career) for the last decade was a subliminal example of how I can be a role model and inspire my students in our learning context (which is a healthy environment of experimentation!)

Empathy / Compassion

Almost all of us in the PGC course has gone through the same experience as the students. I have also made a point not to stress students out a few days before submission datelines.

NSS context: I believe the NSS survey occurs at the worst time of the year as students’ final project grades have just be released and there will inevitably be a few disgruntled students and rants.

Honesty  (Sincerity, Realistic)

Authenticity is what I find missing this is discussion when I mentioned it to the team. In my area of teaching, we have to ensure that we instil the correct examples and portray a good example. There are a lot of “noise” out there and we have to teach the imperatives instead of the unnecessary.   

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