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“My teaching area is technical studies in under/postgraduate Product Design/Industrial Design. There are situations where I need to conduct lectures, workshops and tutorials to enable students to use appropriate technology, techniques and technical means to learn and reflect upon their designs.

Each lecture that I give usually has around 70-100 students and they are aligned to a specific unit of study. I hope to gain an in-depth understanding of how to work with a large class student teaching and also perhaps use a different approach to teach international students. My students have various learning capabilities due to this mix. Eventually, I hope to be able to inspire them to reflect upon their learnings and knowledge.”

KC Leong

Product, Ceramics and Industrial Design/BA Product Design/Tech Studies Lead

Spring 2018/PGCert: Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication/Teaching /Learning Cohort B/Academic Leadership

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  1. Hello KC,

    Thank you for linking me to your reading journal. I appreciate that you are already thinking about the diversity amongst your students, and how you might tailor your approach to teaching to be as inclusive as possible. My background is mainly around contextual/cultural studies, so quite different to your technical expertise! I will be very interested to see how your teaching practice develops along this course, particularly where it relates to digital/technology-based learning.


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